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by Goldfrapp. Buy album CD: Supernature

I took loads of them fukin' fukin' mushrooms and fukin' that....them halucinagenics, innit
And i fukin' lost it, dinni, this is the way it fukin' goes......
Safe as fuk, i've took an acid and loads of times, it's made my arms stretch three times longer than they normally are, i feel like i can fly up in the air, and my mother's really funny when she walks in the room all worried, like....innit.........
I've had flashbacks, i've had all the shit, i thought i was at Woodstock in, er, '69, i fukin' didn't know what was goin' on, but really i was just down Pil, it was a fukin' terrible time, don't take the LSD if you've got a weak mind, you knows it, stay safe, look after yourself,
GLC, you knows it........
Soon as you see the colours, you're there, son......innit
I was at a party in Pil the other night
A clart gave me a trip, he said they were alright
I looked him up and down and gave him the Hussain frown
He was pretty fukin' safe, not you're average razz clown
He had something sweating in his greasy fukin' paw
But it was made of paper, it didn't smell of fukin' draw
He got them from a bloke called Lloyd Ganja 99
I heard he took five and said that he was fine
Now it's my turn to take the micro-dot
How was i supposed to know i'd lose the fukin' plot?
The room started spinning so i put them in my belly
I suppose it happens after eight fukin' jellys
I chucked a massive whitey as i saw the melting walls
I took a step back and fell over Ben-Wa-Balls
My eyes started to dilate and i felt fukin' great
After the ninth fukin' trip, i started to hallucinate
In the corner was my mate they call Boy-Balls
I stared at him hard and didn't recognize him at all
I made my way outta the room, i didn't fukin' stall
I began to freak out and walked into a brick wall
Gotta take some more, gotta push it to the edge
Blanc was on his ass boffin' in the fukin' hedge
Wrecked up on trips, his mind's in bits
His bowels are loose and i think he's got the shits
Adam went over to Eggsie to see what he thinks
Fukin' go to the toilet, a couple of drinks
You start feeling fine if your minds are on the blinks
If you feel fukin' funny then you better not think
Otherwise you'll panic and you're ring-piece'll stink
It's obvious enough to see that you're out of your head on LSD
Block the rock, leaving you shell shocked
Getting bigger and harder and that's just my cock
He buys loads of draw by the ounce and the block
But he prefers taking acid cos it makes his mind rock
I'm losing my head, i'm losing my mind, man
My last fukin' trip got swallowed by my gran
I lost my grip when i took the trips
So i (?) window and i beat him with a stick
Everyone started laughing at the clart they call Hussain
But they soon fukin' stopped cos they knows that i'm insane
It's time to go home, it's time to go to bed
It's only half past nine but my brain's outta my head
I've been taking ecstasy since i turned fifteen
But i had to give it up cos it made me fukin' mean
I took the LSD and i thought it was great
But i didn't realize it would make me hallucinate
I was persuaded to say, i didn't even go
By a bloke who owed me loads of fukin' blow
'fuk this shit,' i said, as i hit him with a brick
The last trip started to make me fukin' sick
I boffed on the floor and went out the door
Eggsie said, 'come back and take some more'
I think i needs help, get me a fukin' medic
The sky outside was looking proper fukin' psycadellic
The monkey's on my brain and i'm goin' insane
Cos i took too much acid with my goldie lookin' chain
The monkey's in my brain and i'm goin' insane
Cos i took too much acid with my goldie lookin' chain
I'm outta my mind, Adam, i can see the colours, i can fukin' seeeeee.....G.....L.....C......
Get me to St. Caddicks, i need to see the quack
Now i'm seeing flashbacks of Bert Backarack
Oh, alright, i'm outta my head on E
I much prefer takin' my favourite drug, LSD
It gets me really wrecked and makes me feel really crazy
My eyes start swirling and my body feels lazy
I looks at the floor, i looks at the wall
I think to myself, 'i feel like someone called Paul'
Because that's not who i am, but that's what it does to you
It makes you feel like you're something else, like a rabbit or a tree
Big shout to all the fukin' GLC crew, you knows it, safe as fuk
Shouts out to all the people with swirly eyes and crazy arms all wriggling round all over the place, they're all dribbling, man, it's craizeeeeeeeeeee
Fukin' massive shout out to J-Mez, he's a fukin' safe clart in the 'Port, you fukin' knows it
Yeah, P Xain, fukin' respects to Bow-Ma-Balls, Mr Love-Eggs that is, aka, Raphael-De-La-Ghetto, and other stuff, you knows it, Walshy, fukin' all the 'Port
If you takes enough acid, you can actually fly through time and space
Er, this is the closest a lot of people'll get to it but, er, safe as fuk...GLC
I feel special.....yeah, man, like Keith Chegwin's love children

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Album: Supernature (2005) Lyrics
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  130. Still Wanting You
  131. Superhero
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  133. Taxi
  134. The Alchemist
  135. The Maggot
  136. The Manifesto
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  140. Tout Etait Dit
  141. Tu Manques
  142. Twice As Blue
  143. Vivre Cent Vies
  144. Walking After Midnight
  145. Wandering Mind
  146. We Are Back
  147. What Would You Do
  148. What's Happened To Us
  149. World I Can't Live In
  150. Worms
  151. You Knoes I Loves You
  152. You Knows I Loves You Baby
  153. You Knows It
  154. Your Missus Is A Nutter
  155. Your Mother's Got A Penis
  156. Ooh la la
  157. Lovely 2 c u
  158. Ride a white horse
  159. U never know
  160. Let it take you
  161. Fly me away
  162. Slide in
  163. Koko
  164. Satin chic
  165. Beautiful
  166. Number 1
  167. Time out from the world
  168. No. 1


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