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Wedding Bells Lyrics

Wedding Bells by Godley And Creme  

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Wedding Bells
I should have told you, all I wanted was to have some fun. But you wanted
Me to be the permanent one. Yes you did.
Now when we're in the movies or the back of a car, you always stop me when
I go too far.
I should have known, you'd always keep me waiting for those wedding bells.
Those wedding bells.
Oh we could talk all night, but you won't understand (don't leave me in the
Lurch today).
The only words you want to hear are "Do you take this man?" (in church
Today). Does the lull in conversation, mean the penny's droppin'.
You should have known that I was only window shoppin'.
It's my clumsy way of sayin' that we should be stoppin', those wedding
Bells. Those wedding bells.

I'm like a square peg in a round hole. I don't belong here baby, don't need
A fanfare or a drum role to tell you baby, I don't belong to you baby,
Oh you say it's not important, but I know what you're thinkin', 'cos every
Time we kiss I feel your kisses stingin', In the back of my mind I know,
You'll always be ringin' those wedding bells, those wedding bells.
I knew I should have told you all I wanted was to have some fun (that was
Yesterday). But you wanted me to be the permanent one (say yes today).
Oh I'd do it but the pleasure isn't worth the pain. We'd run out of track,
Before we got on the train. Can't you hear the sound of heartstrings
Snappin' under the strain
Of those wedding bells. Those wedding bells.
Those wedding bells. Those wedding bells.

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