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Sex Lyrics

Sex by Girls Aloud  

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Sex Why don't you stop yelling at me.
It's not my fault that i cant give you good enough sex.
Will you be home early
I will make it up to you

I heard you come in late
I asked you where you'd been
I could smell cheap tacky perfume on you
Have you been with another woman

He said
No I been to the Brothel
I had wonderful sex
It cost me £2000
Baby she was so good

Chorus x 2

You stupid man
I going to shag you

Last night
I gave you what you wanted all night long
Why don't we pull a sickie
Because i bought a book
Which tells you how to have perfect sex
Squeeze my breasts and i'll suck your cock
Right put your penis into my cunt.

Shag me#
Ride em cowboy
We'll do this all day
Hu hu hu hu

We'll have kids together

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