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Smells Like Cartoon Planet - Ghost Space


Smells Like Cartoon Planet by Ghost Space

( ) = Brak/Crowd
" " = Zorak
I smell turkey (tuna fish)
Big beef jerky (potato canish)
I smell o-nions, "pizza too"
The dog needs washing "and so do you!"
It smells like (what does it smell like Space Ghost?)
It smells like (pork and beans?)
It smells like............(WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!)
It smells like Cartoon Planet, woo-wee!
Zorak prison pod, Brak Brak
"Barnyard animals" (Oink!) "Quack."
Zorak upside-down!
"Sing it Fuzzy"
(I'm a little teapot short and stout!)
It smells like (asparagus and cabbage)
It smells like......(boxer shorts)
It smells like Cartoon Planet *sniff* ahhh!