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Critical Hit Lyrics

Critical Hit by Ghost Mice  

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Critical Hit
When you're deep in a dark dungeon
And the cleric's down and dying
And you've taken all the potions you had left
And you feel like you are doomed
Because the demon you set loose
Is coming after you and you can smell/hear it's breath.
And the door between you and it is pretty thin.
The wizard is all out of spells.
The fighters took a few too many hits.
This thing, it came from hell,
It seems like it can't be killed.
Don't ever give up! not all fights are won by skill,
Some are won by luck. don't ever give in!
You've gotta keep fighting until you lose or you win.
Cross your fingers roll the die.
Wait with hope for the big two-oh (20).
Cross your fingers roll the die.
Let it go. let it roll. don't give up yet, no, don't ever quit.
There's always a chance for a critical hit.
The biggest baddest beasts have easily been beat with one lucky shot.
Dragons have fell and kingdoms have been saved
By people giving everything they've got,
By people who never gave up.
By people who know just to let the dice roll and see what comes up.
No we should never ever give up.

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