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Ray (English)

by Gay Dad. Buy album CD: Transmission

I cried... until my voice diedI point to this light until I reach that place

My eyes are wasted, I can't see anything, I don't feel anything
I'm only relying on groping in this unclear scenery I'm not stopped from dying from this anxiety
I'm afraid of being all alone I'm getting mad at the feeling of alienation I can't escape from here
My head hurts cruelly The nausea won't stop I'd rather die

if these eyes didn't know the ray

I cried... until my voice diedI point to this light until I reach that place
I cried... So much that my throat was burning until I am able to escape this place which is without light

A heavy weight is pressing down on me I have had more than enough of this anxiety and this despair
Wherever I am, gradually I don't understand anyone anymore
I cling onto someone to live but this is so painfully painful
It would be much better to die this is what I'm always thinking

I am pointing toward the light...

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Album: Transmission (2001) Lyrics
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