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Termite Thermometer Lyrics by Gas Huffer


Termite Thermometer by Gas Huffer

Magneto driven, can't you see
I've got need for batteries
Nanometers in width and length,
Tiny but with super strength
Swallow me cloaked in a pill,
I'll find the place where you are I'll
Cancer killing microbot,
I wiggle in and eat the rot
This science, heaven sent,
Will set a precedent
I'm getting deeper, now
You won't know where I went
Hurtling past cells and molecules
The platelets sparkling like jewels
Before my tools
Miniscule and maximized,
Invisible to human eyes
Smuggling little flecks of hope,
I'm blowing up your microscope
Termite thermometer,
Check out the monitor,
If you look closely, now
You might just see my blur