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You Gave Me Reason Lyrics by Gary Valenciano


You Gave Me Reason by Gary Valenciano

[Verse 1]
So many tears that I’ve cried
so many nights asking why
why all my dreams fell apat
and letting go is so hard

[Verse 2]
I held my pain deep inside
i thought that love was a lie
i felt it might be too late
i saw it all afde away
but then
[chorus 1]
You gave me reason to love again
you came and changed the way the story ends
you’ll always be
here in my heart endlessly

[Verse 3]
And now my dreams have come tue
i found myself there in you
and all the things that i missed
i found them here in you kiss baby

[repeat chorus 1]

[chorus 2]
You gave me reason
you’re all i need
you showed me love and now my heart believes you
you made me see
you gave me reason to be

[repeat chorus 1 & 2]