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Gary Numan

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CD Album  Dead Son Rising (2011)
CD Album  Jagged (2006)
CD Album  Hybrid (2003)
CD Album  Disconnection (2002)
CD Album  Pure (2000)
CD Album  Exile (1998)
CD Album  Mix (1998)
CD Album  Archive 1 (1996)
CD Album  Human (1995)
CD Album  Sacrifice [Extended Mixes] (1994)
CD Album  The Radial Pair (1994)
CD Album  Sacrifice (1993)
CD Album  Machine + Soul (1992)
CD Album  Other Side Of (1992)
CD Album  Outland (1990)
CD Album  Automatic (1988)
CD Album  Exhibition Tour 1987: Ghost (1988)
CD Album  Metal Rhythm (1987)
CD Album  Strange Charm (1985)
CD Album  White Noise (1985)
CD Album  The Fury (1984)
CD Album  The Plan (1984)
CD Album  Berserker (1983)
CD Album  Warriors (1983)
CD Album  Dance (1981)
CD Album  I, Assassin (1981)
CD Album  Replicas (1979)
CD Album  Telekon (1979)
CD Album  The Pleasure Principle (1979)
CD Album  Tubeway Army (1978)
CD Album  Premier Hits
CD Album  Other Songs A - WE
CD Album  Other Songs WH - Z
Album: Replicas (1979) Lyrics
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  1. Are 'friends' electric?
  2. The machman
  3. Praying to the aliens
  4. Down in the park
  5. You are in my vision
  6. Replicas
  7. It must have been years
  8. When the machines rock
  9. Do you need the service?
  10. The crazies
  11. I nearly married a human
  12. Me! i disconnect from you
  13. Only a downstat
  14. We have a technical
  15. We are so fragile
Album: Telekon (1979) Lyrics
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  1. This wreckage
  2. The aircrash bureau
  3. Telekon
  4. Remind me to smile
  5. Sleep by windows
  6. We are glass
  7. I'm an agent
  8. I dream of wires
  9. Please push no more
  10. The joy circuit
  11. A game called echo
  12. Photograph
  13. Trois gymnopedies
  14. I die : you die
  15. Down in the park
  16. Remember i was vapour
Album: The Pleasure Principle (1979) Lyrics
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  1. Airplane
  2. Metal
  3. Complex
  4. Films
  5. M.e.
  6. Tracks
  7. Observer
  8. Conversation
  9. Cars
  10. Engineers
  11. Random [instrumental]
  12. Oceans [instrumental]
  13. Asylum
  14. Me! i disconnect from you
  15. Bombers
  16. Remember i was vapour
  17. On broadway
Album: Tubeway Army (1978) Lyrics
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  1. Listen to the sirens
  2. My shadow in vain
  3. The life machine
  4. Friends
  5. Something's in the house
  6. Everyday i die
  7. Steel and you
  8. My love is a liquid
  9. Are you real?
  10. The dream police
  11. Jo the waiter
  12. Zero bars (mr. smith)
  13. Only a downstat
  14. We have a technical
  15. We are so fragile
  16. I nearly married a human [instrumental]
Album: Premier Hits Lyrics
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  1. Cars (Original Version)
Album: Other Songs A - WE Lyrics
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  1. Airlane
  2. All across the nation
  3. Ancients
  4. Blue eyes
  5. Change Your Mind (Razormaid!)
  6. Crazier
  7. Cry Baby
  8. Do your best
  9. Do Your Best (Friends) (original Version)
  10. Every Day I Die (reworked By Andy Gray)
  11. Face To Face
  12. Found you now
  13. I don't believe
  14. I'm on automatic
  15. Like A Refugee
  16. Like a refugee (i won't cry)
  17. Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry) (Pandemonium Mix)
  18. Little Invitro
  19. London times
  20. Love like a ghost
  21. Love Needs No Disguise
  22. M. E.
  23. My Car Slides (2)
  24. No more lies
  25. No more lies ('89 mix)
  26. O.d. receiver
  27. Oh! didn't i say
  28. Radio heart
  29. RIP (live 2000-10-20, Brixton Academy)
  30. Style kills
  31. The Machine
  32. The Machine (original Version)
  33. The machine (steel and you)
  34. We Take Mystery - Early Version
  35. We take mystery (to bed) - early version

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