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Drifting - Gary Bonnett


Drifting by Gary Bonnett

A storm is brewing the the sky tonight
Dark clouds rollin in
I can feel the coolness
Smell the rain in the wind, in the wind, in the wind
Looking out cross the desert
Wind blowing the dust
So much on my mind
But I miss your touch, your touch, your touch
Well there's going to come a day
When I get my life back soon
Everything is going to change
As I start a life brand new
I'm never ever gonna go thruthat
That again
I'll quit just hanging around and drifting
Drifting in the wind, oh oh
Yeah drifting in the wind
It's been such a very long time
Having no closure with us
Drives me out of my mind, my mind, mind
That's why I sit here
Alone in the dark
Tall whiskey in my hand
Pouring out my heart, my heart, my heart
Chorus and tag end