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Gangsta Boo Lyrics Mask 2 my face

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Mask 2 my face

by Gangsta Boo. Buy album CD: Both Worlds *69

Mayne!!!! I can't I'm up in dis joint wit Gangsta Boo. I'm so Hi!
Boogaloo! I'm so hi. Purple!! Purple!! Mayne! I'm so hi!
Good shit Gangsta Boo.
The Juice always blown out on dat fire shit
I'm gettin high den a motherfucker. Damn!

(Gangsta Boo)
Some dumb boys be killin me
Actin like dey want me pounds
I be lookin for the fires
We will not come in ya town
Gansta Boo the scandalous
That's been so freaky when she hi
Oops I ain't go lie, bump and smoke until the day I die
Ridin in the Chevy and you know I'm smokin ink mayne
Got the bongs mayne
Limo tinted for you hataz mayne
Crusin through my hood
Im hot as fuck, my life is on suspension
I don't give a fuck
Im constantly gotta smoke one bitch
As I come up on the spot to eat and sleep and do it all again
Gansta at it again, clean as fuck I'm rollin twenty-twens
Call my nigga dank to see if he know where some hydro at
When I go get dank I got the glock nine and a vest
Rollin through the projects lookin for dat nigga wit dat dope
Fiendin like a junkie thinkin "damn a playa gotta smoke"
Actin like you ballin when you only sellin nicks and dimes
Shit dis habit of mine
Got me clickin when I'm on the ground

(Chorus 4x)
Mask 2 my fuckin face I'm fiendin to increase my high
Eye balls is like red as hell dese bitches better recognize
(could dat fuckin fuckin ink conservin deal dats some shit)

(Gangsta boo)
So I got dis ghetty green
Look here nigga I'm a star
Bout to hit the corner and rap
Stoned and get leaf cigar
I don't smoke on seeds
But not to dis
the ones unfortunate
If you need me, hook up wit me, I'll smoke you to death
All my niggas on dat good dope, If you hi just clap yo hands
All my niggas on dat good dope, if you hi just clap yo hands
Take a trip to Amsterdam
Smoke a blunt wit lady man
Always chiefin gotta wake up wit a blunt up in my hand
It be funny how you dig
Cuz you got green and me and you be friends
If I let you smoke wit me, you lucky I'm a keep it real
I don't give a fuck about a beg or tryin to smoke my weed
If you got some money you need to put half on dis fuckin green
Don't play wit the muthafuckin funky dont play
Smokin on some hay
Once again hid in the black Hay (haven)
Actin like you ballin when you only sellin nicks and dimes
Shit dis habit of mine
Got me clickin when I'm on the ground

Chorus til end

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Album: Both Worlds *69 (2001) Lyrics
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