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Cheeseburger Lyrics by Gang of Four


Cheeseburger by Gang of Four

(I need a cheeseburger to go)
I move from one place to the next
I hope they keep down the price of gas
I shoot fast while you’re talking dollars

See how I will run the table
I won’t see my dollar go where they rig it
High numbers low numbers 8 ball break
The last cent is coming out of his head

To be honest or a son like his own
And all this changed, we’re sure of the rides
The old country’s in the back of his mind
I hope his home is somewhere you go to sleep

High numbers, low numbers, eight ball break
No classes in the US of A
Improve yourself, the choice is yours
Work at your job, you can make it pay

Make friends quick, buy them beer
You never know when you’re gonna lose them
High numbers, low numbers, eight ball break
I’m at the wheel of the company truck

On the road and all alone
Sometimes I think money is my only goal
It makes me sad, work on up another four miles
Coffee fries and a cheeseburger