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Hoshi No Suna (Star Sands) (English Version) Lyrics

Hoshi No Suna (Star Sands) (English Version) by Gackt  

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Hoshi No Suna (Star Sands) (English Version) A deep silence fell over us... the sky surrounded
And your body, burned up by the sun,
What am I wandering in search of, all by myself... ?

There is hatred deep within my eyes gone cold,
And no matter how I despise myself,
My pain never goes away.
I carry the sadness of eternal life.
I can only keep thinking of you, now gone.
My feelings for you still haven't changed,
Even now I love you so deeply.

Bathed in the light of the moon, even your name
Which I hum to myself, is taken away by the wind.

I continue to sing that song you taught me,
Smiling at sunset
Counting the tears which returned to the starry sky.
Living the same night again and again...
Ah even now, I still love you.

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