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Terra Libera

by Gabry Ponte. Buy album CD: Gabry Ponte

Album: Gabry Ponte (2002)

People playing games with no winner but death
to be winner on a day when they all die in the same bed fighting for a coin,
forgetting things without a price dying for a flag, in the name of someone's lies homeless in a world where having's more than being
Killing lives and lives hot understanding what this means looking for a god to tell them why they should fight even ready for the war, but no say if it's wrong or right.

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Album: Gabry Ponte (2002) Lyrics
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  1. (Gackt & Hyde) Orenji No Taiyou (The Orange Sun) (English Version)
  2. 12gatsu No Love Song
  3. Another World
  4. Ares
  5. Arittake No Ai De
  6. Ash
  7. Asrun Dream
  8. Birdcage
  9. Birdcage (English Version)
  10. Birdcage (Japanese Version)
  11. Black Stone
  12. Dears
  13. Death Wish
  14. December Love Song
  15. December Love Song (In Gacktese)
  16. December Love Song(English)
  17. Dethrone
  18. Dispar
  19. Dooms Day
  20. Dybbuk
  21. Dybbuk (English Version)
  22. Empty Souls
  23. Emu ~for My Dear~
  24. Etude
  25. Förbrukad
  26. Fragrance
  27. Freesia
  28. Freesia Ͻ?op.2�
  29. Graffiti
  30. Hoshi No Suna
  31. Hoshi No Suna (Japanese Version)
  32. Hoshi No Suna (Star Sands) (English Version)
  33. Ikitoshi Ikeru Subete Ni Tsugu
  34. Illness Illusion
  35. Inget Val
  36. Jesus
  37. Jesus (English)
  38. Journey Through The Decade
  39. Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara
  40. Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara (Because You're Waiting) (English Version)
  41. Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume
  42. Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume (The Dream That You Chased) (English Version)
  43. Kimi Ni Aitakute
  44. Kimi Ni Aitakute (I Want To Be With You) (English Version)
  45. Kimi No Tame Ni Dekiru Koto (English Version)
  46. Kimi No Tameni Dekiru Koto
  47. Kono Daremo Inai Heya De
  48. Kono Daremo Inai Heya De (In This Empty Room)
  49. Lapis -Prologue-
  50. Last Garden
  51. Last Song
  52. Last Song (English Version)
  53. Last Song (Japanese Version)
  54. Leeca
  55. Love Letter
  56. Lu:na
  57. Lust For Blood
  58. Lust For Blood (English Version)
  59. Lust For Blood (Japanese Version)
  60. Marmalade
  61. Metamorphoze
  62. Metamorphoze (English Version)
  63. Mind Forest
  64. Mind Forest (English Version)
  65. Mind Forest (Japanese Version)
  66. Mirror
  67. Missing
  68. Missing ~Egao Wo Misete (Japanese Version)
  69. Missing ~Egao Wo Misete (Show Me Your Smile) (English Version)
  70. Mizerable
  71. Nine Spiral
  72. Oasis
  73. Orenji No Taiyou (feat. Hyde)
  74. Papa Lapped A Pap Lopped
  75. Papa Lapped A Pap Lopped (English Version)
  76. Rain
  77. Redemption
  78. Redemption (English Version)
  79. Redemption (Japanese Version)
  80. Returner-Yami No Shuen
  81. Returner-Yami No Shuen (English Version)
  82. Saikai ~story~
  83. Saikai~Story (English Version)
  84. Sayonara
  85. Secret Garden
  86. Secret Garden (English Version)
  87. Seki-Ray
  88. Sekirei - Seki-Ray - (Rr Ver.)
  89. Solitary (English Version)
  90. Solitary (Japanese Version)
  91. Speed Master
  92. Tea Cup
  93. Tema: Skit
  94. To Feel The Fire
  95. To Feel The Fire (In Gacktese)
  96. Todoka Nai Ai To Shitte Ita No Ni Osaekirezu Ni Aishi Tsuduketa...
  97. Todokanai Ai To Shitteita No Ni Osae Kirezu Ni Aishi
  98. Tsuki No Uta
  99. Tsuki No Uta (Japanese Version)
  100. Tsuki No Uta (Moon Song) (English Version)
  101. U K
  102. Uncertain Memories
  103. Uncontrol
  104. Vanilla
  105. Vanilla (English Version)
  106. Wasurenai Kara
  107. White Eyes
  108. White Eyes (English Version)
  109. White Eyes (Japanese Version)
  110. ~for My Dear~
  111. The Man In The Moon
  112. Geordie
  113. Got To Get
  114. Sharmcafé
  115. Time To Rock
  116. Always On My Mind
  117. Waterfall
  118. De Musica Tonante
  119. My Butterfly
  120. Le Voyage
  121. Memories
  122. Midnight
  123. Terra Libera


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