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Commitment interlude Lyrics by Fundisha


Commitment interlude by Fundisha

Thanks to Ciarra (aka BowWow2323) for typing and submitting the lyrics
Lady-I'm tired of trying to game
Man-I'm tired of chicks
Lady I just wanna ask, excuse me
I just wanna ask one question
Another Lady-What, What girl
Lady-Why Can't men commit?
Man-commit to what
Lady-To relationships
Man-we ain't got to commit, i mean it just your man
(background:Laughter and talking)
Man-you gonna let him say that, most women don't know nothing about relationships
What do most women know about relationships
Only thing they want is a ring, and get married and be happy and to tell all there girls
Lady-what men want is the trick all there life, that's what ya'll want
Man-the first time you stay out all night
and you come in 4,5o'clock
your g/f says you was out with another woman
you could of been out playing playstation
(Background: Laughter)
Man-Am I right, Don't get quiet now
(talking over him))Lady-Obviously, she wants to spend time with you
Man-everyday we married baby,everyday we married
Lady-that's why,see you the kind of people that get there house burnt down