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Wish You Were There - Frenzal Rhomb


Wish You Were There by Frenzal Rhomb

two wrongs are right that's not incredibly right
it's just the thoughts and opinions of these
polarised millions reflected on one phrase
it's so practical
every arsonist (arse that is) smoking
every rule to be broken
when can I get some of those placebos
truth hides from a winner's history
and when the message is spoken
and the image is broken
it's an airbrushed untruth this feign humanity
sex will sell but do you want what it buys
you wouldn't think you'd make the same mistake
how will you judge your contribution to this
foul Oprah religion of sanitised views
and self congratulation
who will feast on all you sheep
scapegoat slaughtered sacrificed regardless
execution is a heart where violence reignites