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Smother my brother Lyrics

Smother my brother by Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13  

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Smother my brother You stupid dick, you f**king prick
You make me sick, so f**king sick
I'll put a pillow on your face
And smother it... yeah

It would be nice to end your life
No holidays, get togethers
You smother underneath a pillow
Filled with feathers

In your room I'll creep
As you f**king sleep
I'll take your pillow case
And place it comfortably in your face

I'm gonna smother my brother

Brotherly love, who gives a f**k
I put a pillow upon your face
I hold it there till you're
Blue in the face... yeah

Do unto others, as they do unto you
My brother f**ked me too many times
And now I'm gonna f**k him too... alright!

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