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Tied to a strangers hand - Forever Is Forgotten


Tied to a strangers hand by Forever Is Forgotten

may I and may you,
will I say
will you say
and when I beg please
I know you wont
the last time i'll notice
and wonder how are you
take me as I am
with bruises and smiles
as my voice breaks
my sweater and I
will forget all about you
will you make the sun
wait for you
as you wander amongst the clouds
and when I decide to outshine it
times and troubles
will be buried
mention me
and remain yourself
a nervous execution
so I see you no longer
every time ill feel again
will be without you
I bleed the rain
drip me from angels cheeks
sometimes i'll cry I love you
and I wont mention it otherwise
self to self, heart to heart
life to life, death to death
the while of your eyes destroys me
and so i'll hide in the darkness