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Comfortable Lyrics

Comfortable by Fleming And John  

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Comfortable You know how to hold my hand
You know how to make me mad
You know everything about me
We've been together longer than
Most of our friends have
But they don't know that it's not always a party

I gotta tell you how I'm feeling
In case you haven't noticed
The mystery is gone
Infatuation's wearing off I gotta tell you how I'm feeling
I think that you'll agree that we've become predictable
But I really don't mind being this comfortable

Sometimes I try to shake it up
Tickle the passion wake it up
It's time to breathe a little fire
But you just put your arms around me and I let go of all my anxiety
You know you're my lazy boy recliner

I gotta tell you how I'm feeling
I hope you don't take it wrong
You know that I love you and I'm not giving up

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