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July Lyrics

July by Flashlight  

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July Tell me all about how things will never go too far
Situation normal you're still living in the dark
You don't seem to care that I don't have that much to say
Gives you more time to blather on about your boring f**king day
Oh my I don't know why I really hope you go and die
So I can live here without you, and keep July
I wonder what you're telling her when I am miles away
Maybe that I'm screwing someone or I am turning gay
If you said something honest it would have to be a fluke
As all the rest of your bullsh*t dribbles out of you like puke
Anyone that falls for you is one less pain for me
Cause that just means they're way too stupid to see you like I see
You treat your friends like cr*p but still you think my words are crass
If you open your mouth again I'll have to kick your f**king ass

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