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1000 words - ffx2 version Lyrics

1000 words - ffx2 version by Final Fantasy Series  

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1000 words - ffx2 version Yuna:
I know that you’re hiding things
Using gentle words to shelter me
Your words were like a dream
But dreams could never fool me
Not that easily

I acted so distant then
Didn’t say goodbye before you left
But I was listening
You fight your battles far from me
Far too easily

“Save your tears ‘cause I’ll come back”
I could hear that you whispered
As you walked through that door
But still I strove
To hide the pain when I turned back the pages
Shouting might have been the answer
What if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart?
But now I’m not afraid to say

What’s in my heart

‘Cause a thousand words
Called out through the ages
They’ll fly to you
Even though I can’t see
I know they’re reaching you
Suspended on silver wings

Oh a thousand words
A thousand embraces
Will cradle you
Making all of your weariness
Seem far away
They’ll hold you forever

Lenne: Oh a thousand words (Yuna: A thousand words)
Lenne: Have never been spoken (Yuna: Oh…Yeah)
Lenne: They’ll fly to you
Lenne: They’ll carry you home (Yuna: Carry you home)
Lenne: And back into my arms
Yuna: Suspended on silver wings (Lenne: Oh silver wings)

Yuna: And a thousand words (Lenne: Oh)
Yuna: Called out through the ages (Lenne: Called through the ages)
Yuna: They’ll cradle you (Lenne: Oh yeah)
Yuna: ? ? ? Lonely?
Yuna: ? ? ? (Lenne: Holy days?)
Yuna: They’ll hold you forever

Yuna: Oh….a thousand words

p.s. If anyone knows what the bloody hell Yuna and Lenne are
singing in the second and third last lines of the last chorus can
you please e-mail me to let me know? It's doing my head in.

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