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You Found Me First Lyrics

You Found Me First by Fighting Instinct  

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You Found Me First I thought I was ahead of the game
Even though I could not name what I was looking for
I thought I had it all worked out
Even though I was feeling the worry and the doubt
I tried to hide behind myself
But You saw right through myself

You found me first
When I was at my worst
And now I know the love of Jesus Christ
Cause I have You in my life
When I did not know what love was for
It was the very key that opened my heart's door
I thought this peace was just a dream
Like there wasn't anything like this for me
I searched this world and all I found was lies
And then You opened up my eyes


All these years I could not find the truth
All these times I could not see
All these years I could not find You
And all this time You were watching over me


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