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by Fat Joe. Buy album CD: All Or Nothing

[sample of "If and When" by The Three Degrees] + Fat Joe
I can see loneliness, heading my way
The light, of love has blown out (it's a new day y'all)
Now your shadow's gone away, you took awayyyyy

[Fat Joe speaking over sample - can't be heard]
Crack, uhh
Yes, things of that nature, uhh
Yeah, uh, yo

No I'm not lettin y'all take me out the game
And no I ain't lettin y'all niggaz ruin my name - it's CRACK! {*echoes*}
... That's right, the welcome mat on the ground ain't the same
Damn right ya homey Joe done changed
Let's be honest y'all niggaz left me to die on that cold December day
BUT, I survived; so much if you thought I
would pull up in the corner and die, not I
... No people, not me
As long as Streetrunner keep makin them hot beats
I +SHIT+ on you haters on that 'Beat Novacane'
Make hits for the ladies with my niggaz Cool and Dre, CRACK! {*echoes*}
... Know if you mention the name
You mentionin, Big Pun, Terror Squad and the pain
And the pain has been the only status cat in the game
Relevant, {?} so much niggaz love to take aim
Cause I'm...

Yeah I'm lonely
It's hard bein the only real nigga in this shit man
Cook Coke Crack, Terror era's the Squad cocksuckers
Things of that nature
It's a new regime it's a new day cocksuckers
{*sample: "I need your love"*}

I spit blaze all, napalm, the mic technician
Coulda blazed y'all but gave y'all a slight condition
Never to defy my wishes
I'm the king of NY, all these other niggaz liars and bitches
Who you know spit dope, with a name like Cook
Niggaz say, that he ain't, but ain't I good?
Got the whole fuckin industry shook; matter fact the streets
Cause all the killers come home clappin for me
Ain't no peace on the streets with these Spanish kids
Just another cop beating in Los Angeles
Yup! You guessed it the President didn't say shit
'Nother vacation, chillin in Camp David
And they wonder why the hood's so hot
My pops locked up, my moms cooked rock
And just the other day Lil' Troy got shot
over a 2 dollar dice game, way to lose your life mayne

Yeah, this is things of that nature
You gon' get a variety of shit, a-ha-ha
It's a new day, new regime, new change
You don't like it fuck you
But thanks to e'rybody who bought this album
Big Pun forever, Ton' Montana forever
Uhh, Kato, yeah - CRACK! {*echoes*}
SHIT on y'all niggaz

[R&B sample to fade]

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Album: All Or Nothing (2005) Lyrics
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