My god this house is freakin' sweet (corrected ) Lyrics

Family Guy Lyrics My god this house is freakin' sweet (corrected )

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My god this house is freakin' sweet (corrected )

by Family Guy. Buy album CD: Other Songs 3 - Y

Butlers:We only live to kiss ass.
Butler:Kiss it!Hell, we'll even wipe it for you.
Butlers:From here on in its Easy Street.
Peter talking:Any bars on that street?
Butler talking:24 happy hours a day.
Peter talking:Oh, boy
Guards:We'll stop jehovahs at the gate.
Guard talking:Can I see that pamphlet sir.
Peter:My god this house is freakin' sweet!

Chef:I make brunch,Clive cooks lunch.
Both:Each and everyday.
Blake:Chocolate cake ala Blake.
Peter:100 bucks Blake is gay.
Butler:We'll do the best we can with Meg.
Meg talking:Are you saying im ugly?
Maid talking:It doesn't matter dear you're rich now.
Butlers:We'll do your nails and rub your feet.
Lois talking:Oh that's not nessa--Oh, my
Butlers:We'll do your homework every night.
Chris talking:It's really hard.
Butler:That's why we got that Steven Hawking guy.
Peter:My god this house is freakin' sweet!

Peter:Used to pass, lots of gas, Lois ran away.
Now we've got, 30 rooms, hello beans, good bye spray.
Butlers:We'd take a bullet just for you.
Stewie talking:Oh. what a coincidence, I've got one.
Lois talking:Stewie!
Butlers:Prepare to suck that golden teat.
Butlers and maids:Now that your stinking rich.
We'll gladly be your bitch.
All:My god this house is freakin' sweet!
Maid: Well, that's a wrap people, now let's get the hell outta here...
Peter:Where're you going?
Maid:The old braud only paid us up throught the song.
Lois:That's okay, we can just pickup after ourselves. After all,
we'll only be here on weekends.
Peter: Oh, no, Lois. It's time you started living like the piece of Schmidt
you are.
Lois: That's Pewterschmidt.
Peter:Hey, hey you guys! You're all hired to be fulltime Griffin
Lois:Peter, where are we going to get the money to pay all these people?
Peter:Simple, I uh- sold our house in Quaohog...
Lois: You sold our home?
Lois: Peter, how could you?
Peter:Whoops...I regonize that tone, tonight i sleep alone.
But still this
All:house is freakin' sweet!

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Album: Other Songs 3 - Y Lyrics
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