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Benson Hurst - Fallen From The Sky


Benson Hurst by Fallen From The Sky

Shut down... like I never had a chance, and I won't just sit and watch you dance the night away without me. Dance the night away. You can't wait another second. Life is full of misconceptions, and I can't believe you'd even say those things.
They're only words. How bad can they hurt? You never stop to think at all.
So many hearts. So little time. It feels like you've waited all your life just to break mine. Lies and excuses rolling off of your tongue while in the meantime I feel like letting go. I'm letting go tonight.
Sit still. I'm gonna tell you everything you need to hear. It's all a game. You play to win, but you never play fair. You can't take another step. You're falling off the edge, and someday you'll see just what I mean.
I'm still writing the same words. I'm still singing the same songs, but I still feel like I've been doing the right things all wrong.