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Falkenbach Lyrics The Horror In Clay

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The Horror In Clay

by Falkenbach. Buy album CD: Tiurida

Mes: the most merciful thing in the world is manís inability to correlate all of his mindís contents. but the sciences one day, some say it is already upon us, will eventually open up such terriVistas of reality that we will either go mad from the revelation or flee into blissful sleep, peace and safety of another new dark age.Iím mark edward smith, these words are hp lovecraftís. we give you the horror in clay.<techno bit> <footsteps>Voice 1: yes just working on this head at the moment. need to put some scales on the body as well.tend to flow a bit more with the body get a few more curves in <voice fades down as second faP>Voice 2 see voice 7 later:: the garden girdled babylon that lies next to and above itíssss cornwall.Voice 2 & mes: itís slight accent into (cc sheffield cornwall).Mes: the professor knows the youth is completely ignorant of pagan, (cryptioch) or biblical law. he ponders and reflects over the sculpture. professor phones sculptor who says:Voice 3: as I said, it was a dream of dark dripping stone, of a fractured voice whose vowels were impenetrable <music fades up, powderkeg key riff? > I was not stoned professor, honestly, mNt has run out. but the only two vowels or sounds frequently repeated that I could make out were <cchhhh-shhhllmm>Voice 4, in music initially very hard to hear: ? ? ? ? he brings out the key given to him by his uncleís executor. contents are a clay bas relief with bits of (fevered jotting and) strewn around inThe packing. the bas relief is - rectangle, six inches by five inches, one inch thick (with hieroglyphics) neither ancient nor modern, sort of cornwall-slash-modern art. on top is a creature asSt made - description - a cross between octopus, human, dragon, ------, tentacled head, scaly body, (half are wings) ? ? ? ? ? ? behind this is a small two by four vista, ionic columns, attached is aE sheet of paper with large felt pen writing saying cthulhu, kith-uh-loo, cthulhu cult. ---- --- the two columns one dream and dream work of ha wilcox no relation of toyah. seven hubert a - ur -Street penzance <cut>Mes: the professor phones the sculptor who saysVoice 5: as I said, it was a dream of dark dripping stone, of a fractured voice whose vowels were impenetrableVoice 6, newspaper headline? : mental illness group folly, see inside.Mes: (better get) penzance bay gazette heading dated 1969. comfortable leafy suburb, green, lilac german type houses, a lot of dark green, ominous, pale thin youth (pretentious), walks up to hesNgly to the front of a house with a package. he looks like a cross between so and so and the singer out of orb. he is nervous and affected. a balding (mike hill) type opens the door he is the prOr, martinís great uncle <note a bloody plane passes over at this point in the tape making it very difficult to decipher!!! mes records on the move> (his uncle recognises him as the son ofEcted family noted and heíd been in sculpture college) youth hands prof package. it is clay bas relief, but not before sayingVoice 7: I made this last night in a dream of cities new and old, dreams older than the gaelic sea or the old atlantic or the garden girdled babylon that lies next to and above itíssss cornwall.Voice 7 & mes: itís slight accent into cc sheffield cornwallMes: the professor knows the youth is completely ignorant of pagan, (cryptioch) or biblical law. he ponders and reflects over the sculpture. professor phones sculptor who says:Voice 8: as I said, it was a dream of dark dripping stone, of a fractured voice whose vowels were impenetrable <music fades up, with chittering bird/insect noise this time> I was not stoneFessor, honestly, my grant has run out. but the only two vowels or sounds frequently repeated that I could make out were cthulhu<guitar riff, old gang>Voice 9, singing muffled at start: penzance bay gazette heading dated1-9-6-9-1-9-6-9-1-9-6-9-1-9-6-9Mes: God damn this olí gang

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Album: Tiurida (2011) Lyrics
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  2. 2 By 4
  3. 2 X 4
  4. 4 1/2 Inch
  5. A Figure Walks
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  7. A Lot Of Wind
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  51. Container Drivers
  52. Copped It
  53. Couldn’t Get Ahead
  54. Cowboy George
  55. Craigness
  56. Crap Rap 2/like To Blow
  57. Crew Filth
  58. Cruisers Creek
  59. C’n’c - Peel Session
  60. C’n’c-s Mithering
  61. D.i.y. Meat
  62. Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-wain
  63. Deadbeat Descendant
  64. Deer Park
  65. Detective Instinct
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  67. Disney’s Dream Debased
  68. Dissolute Singer
  69. Dog Is Life/jerusalem
  70. Don’t Call Me Darling
  71. Don’t Take The Pizza
  72. Dr Buck’s Letter
  73. Dr. Faustus
  74. Draygo’s Guilt
  75. Dresden Dolls
  76. Eat Y’self Fitter
  77. Edinburgh Man
  78. Ed’s Babe
  79. Elf Prefix
  80. Elves
  81. Enigrammatic Dream
  82. Enigrammatic Dream (live)
  83. Entitled
  84. Everybody But Myself
  85. Everything Hurtz
  86. Fantastic Life
  87. Feeling Numb
  88. Fiery Jack
  89. Fit & Working Again
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  91. Fortress
  92. Free Range
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  94. Frightened
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  103. Gross Chapel - Gb Grenadiers
  104. Guest Informant
  105. Guide Me Soft
  106. Gut Of The Quantifier
  107. H. O. W.
  108. Hard Life In The Country
  109. He Pep!
  110. Hexen Definitive/strife Knot
  111. Hey Luciani!
  112. Hey! Marc Riley!
  113. Hey! Student
  114. High Tension Line
  115. Hilary
  116. Hip Priest
  117. Hit The North, V1
  118. Hit The North, V2
  119. Hit The North, V3
  120. Hit The North, V4, 5
  121. Hit The North, V6
  122. Hit The North- V7
  123. Hostile
  124. Hot Aftershave Bop
  125. Hotel Bloedel
  126. How I Wrote Elastic Man
  127. Hurricane Edward
  128. I Am Damo Suzuki
  129. I Come & Stand At Your Door
  130. I Feel Voxish
  131. I'm Bobby Pt 2
  132. Iceland
  133. Idiot Joy Showland
  134. Immortality
  135. Impression Of J Temperance
  136. In Flames
  137. In My Area
  138. In The Park
  139. In These Times
  140. Industrial Estate
  141. Interlude/chilinism
  142. Intro
  143. It’s A Curse
  144. It’s The New Thing!
  145. Ivanhoes Two Pence
  146. I’m A Mummy
  147. I’m Bobby Pt 1
  148. I’m Frank
  149. I’m Going To Spain
  150. I’m Into Cb
  151. I’m Not Satisfied
  152. Jawbone & The Air-rifle
  153. Jingle Bell Rock
  154. Joker Hysterical Face
  155. Jungle Rock
  156. Just Step S'ways
  157. Just Waiting
  158. Kicker Conspiracy
  159. Kimble
  160. Kurious Orange
  161. L. A.
  162. Ladybird
  163. Ladybird (Green Grass)
  164. Last Chance To Turn Around
  165. Last Orders
  166. Lay Of The Land
  167. Leave The Capital
  168. Levitate
  169. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
  170. Life Just Bounces
  171. Light/fireworks
  172. Live At The Witchtrials
  173. Living Too Late
  174. Look Know
  175. Lost In Music
  176. Lucifer Over Lancashire
  177. Ludd Gang
  178. M. H. ’s Jokes
  179. M5#1
  180. Mark’ll Sink Us
  181. Marquis Cha-cha
  182. Married, 2 Kids
  183. Masquerade
  184. Medical Acceptance Gate
  185. Mere Pseud Mag Ed
  186. Mere Pseud Mag Ed - Live Version
  187. Mess Of My
  188. Mexico
  189. Middle Class Revolt
  190. Middle Mass
  191. Mother-sister!
  192. Mother-Sister! (Peel Session)
  193. Mr Pharmacist
  194. Music Scene
  195. Muzorewi's Daughter
  196. My New House
  197. Neighbourhood Of Infinity
  198. New Big Prinz
  199. New Face In Hell
  200. New Puritan
  201. No Bulbs
  202. No Xmas For John Quays
  203. No Xmas For John Quays (Peel Session)
  204. Noel’s Chemical Effluence
  205. North West Fashion Show
  206. Oh! Brother
  207. Oleana
  208. Ol’ Gang
  209. One Day
  210. Oswald Defense Lawyer
  211. Over It
  212. Overture From ’i Am Curious Orange’
  213. Oxymoron
  214. Paint Work
  215. Papal Visit
  216. Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room
  217. Passable
  218. Pat-trip Dispenser
  219. Pay Your Rates
  220. Pearl City
  221. Petty Lout
  222. Petty (Thief) Lout
  223. Pinball Machine
  224. Pine Leaves
  225. Pittsville Direkt
  226. Plug Myself In
  227. Popcorn Double Feature
  228. Powder Keg
  229. Printhead
  230. Prole Art Threat[A]
  231. Psycho-mafia
  232. Psykick Dance Hall #2 -single Version
  233. Psykick Dance Hall[L]
  234. Pumpkin Head Xscapes
  235. Put Away
  236. Putta Block
  237. Quartet Of Doc Shanley
  238. R. O. D.
  239. Rainmaster
  240. Rebellious Jukebox
  241. Repetition
  242. Return
  243. Riddler!
  244. Rollin’ Dany
  245. Room To Live
  246. Rose
  247. Rowche Rumble
  248. Runes Shall You Know
  249. Scareball
  250. Secession Man
  251. Second Dark Age
  252. Service
  253. Shiftwork
  254. Shoulder Pads
  255. Shoulder Pads #2
  256. Simon, Dave & John
  257. Sing Harpy
  258. Slang King
  259. Slates, Slags Etc
  260. Sleep Debt Snatches
  261. Smile
  262. So Called Dangerous
  263. So What About It?
  264. Solicitor In Studio
  265. Spectre Vs. Rector
  266. Spectre Vs. Rector 2
  267. Spencer Must Die
  268. Spinetrak
  269. Spoilt Victorian Child
  270. Squid Law
  271. Stay Away
  272. Stay Away (Old White Train)
  273. Stephen Song
  274. Stepping Out
  275. Sunnavend
  276. Surmount All Obstacles
  277. Symbol Of Mordgan
  278. Tanfana
  279. Telephone Thing
  280. Tempo House
  281. Ten Houses Of Eve
  282. Ten Points
  283. Terry Waite Sez
  284. That Man
  285. The $500 Bottle Of Wine
  286. The Aphid
  287. The Ballard Of J Drummer
  288. The Book Of Lies
  289. The Caterer
  290. The Cd In Your Hand
  291. The City Never Sleeps
  292. The Coliseum
  293. The English Scheme
  294. The Horror In Clay
  295. The Joke
  296. The League Of Bald-headed Men
  297. The Legend Of Xanadu
  298. The Littlest Rebel
  299. The Man Whose Head Expanded
  300. The Mixer
  301. The Nwra
  302. The Reckoning
  303. The Steak Place
  304. The War Against Intelligence
  305. Theme From Error-Orror!
  306. Three Points
  307. Time Between Dog And Wolf
  308. Time Enough At Last
  309. To Nkroachment: Yarbles
  310. Totally Wired
  311. Touch Sensitive
  312. Tuff Life Boogie
  313. Two Steps Back
  314. Two-Face!
  315. Typewriter
  316. U.S. 80's 90's
  317. Underground Medecin
  318. Van Plague?
  319. Various Times
  320. Victoria
  321. Village Bug
  322. Visit Of An American Poet V 1
  323. Visit Of An American Poet V 2
  324. Visitation Of An American Poet
  325. W.m.c. Blob 59
  326. War
  327. What You Need
  328. Where His Ravens Fly
  329. White Lightning
  330. Who Makes The Nazis?
  331. Why Are People Grudgeful?
  332. Wigan Soul Poem
  333. Win Fall Cd 2088 Ad
  334. Wings
  335. Winter
  336. Winter [a Part Of America Therein Version]
  337. Words Of Expectation
  338. Wrong Place, Right Time
  339. Xmas With Simon
  340. Yes O Yes
  341. You Haven’t Found It Yet
  342. Your Heart Out
  343. You’re Not Up To Much
  344. Zagreb
  345. Zandra


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