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The Healing: Part I Lyrics

The Healing: Part I by Factory Of Art  

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The Healing: Part I Can feel the power
And I see the signs
No questions, no more agony
The end of painful times

I don't see the darkness
I don't feel the rain
Let the shadows out of my head
The impulse of my pain...

Why? I need a doctor?
Why? (I) need medicine?
My life was a dirty game
(I) was born to lose not win
You stand beside me
Tell me who I am
I'm a god stand next to you
The rage for all your sins

Don't stop the god
You can't stop the gods
You can't stop a little piece from me
You're shivering dogs I'm a god
My power is locked including
From glowing iron
The key to it you never find

Why? Hold the pain me slavish
I was not born for creep
Let me do for you the biggest things
Whatever you have seen

[Bridge / Chorus]

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music