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One Twenty

by Eyedea. Buy album CD: Other Songs 4 - Y

(It's-it's it's about time)
(It's-it's-it's it's-it's it's-it's it's about time)

Yo DJ Abilities what you gonna do?
(B-b-b-bout to rock)
Add me to mix, you get E&A crew
And we (Blow up the spot)
Why don't you go ahead and give a taste of what you got

[Verse 1]
Man you killing it, I'm feeling it, you feeling it?
We drill 'em with the cerebellum-swelling-sonics
Surfing over snare snaps
Psycho with syllables and same boy scratch
My DJ is with me and we ready to get busy
(Let's start it like this!)
Eyedea and Abilities we coming through to represent
The rhyming never kid and never hesitant
To give you something better than the previous
Though people think graffiti writers
DJs and the hungry rappers, we're the type that
Once we crack the media and then we co-exist
Immediately everyone is socialist conformed
We come to mediate we burn the stake down
Hope you get the message we're to cold to
Fuck with featherweights, in medial clemently states
We smoke 'em in a demonstration so
We'd like to thank you for checking out the show
And if you don't know by now you never know
Some are amateurs but we be pro's
Abilities show 'em what I mean bro

(Time-time-time-time for some action!)
(Go 'head!)
And do we got the skills on the turntables and the mic?
Is the people really feeling hype?
(No question!)
Them and us is all we needed right?
Then we're going to rock the spot tonight!

(No doubt!)

[Verse 2]
Back to the lesson of rap in it's essence
The masters who wreck and we nasty no question
You asked for the best and this crack in we stepped in
And the fact is we blasting the wackness
The two of us can do what's comfortable for you and your clique
Fasten your seatbelt cause we're going on
A trip to party people, purgatory, end of story
Never slowing in motion
I'm blowing a hole in the border of where there an opponent is
(Oh yeah!)
This is how we play to keep it alive
Put the grooves, them hands in music or how else would you survive?
Fight, give it a like, you win the right, do it tonight
You put an MC, a DJ, and Hip-Hop at the center
(It's a sample of victory here)

And do we got the skills on the turntables and the mic?
Is the people really feeling hype?
(No question!)
Them and us is all we needed right?
Then we're going to rock the spot tonight!
(No doubt!)

(Attention to all you punk motherfuckers out there)
If you want incredibly fast relief from the pain of
(The wack, wack)
Try (E-A)
That contains not just one but a combination of
(All types of funk) (Hot shit)
That give effective relief
(True) (Yeah)
If you've not been introduced to (E-A)
By your own physician or dentist
(You're slipping)
(You know what I'm saying?)
I'll repeat the name for you
(E-A, E-A)
(You punk motherfuckers!)

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