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Nothing left unbound Lyrics

Nothing left unbound by Eva Dahlgren  

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Nothing left unbound I was petrified
by a creature
in human disguise

He shined
like a silvermoon
in that dark awesome night

He was man
and woman
so in his clothes
he looked a bit dull

But I call him Mr
'cause his hands seemed so storng
and I'm what do you call it
an oldfashioned girl

And then he showed me his handcuffs
it nearly killed me
and when he talked
he really thrilled me
he said my friend
release me
and I open up your eyes
I hesitated for a second
and he was out of sight
oh Mr Honesty

I want
I want you
I want you because
I want you because I'm too selfdestructive
I need you
I need you because
because I want to feel I'm someone

I always thought
that my truth was your truth
and your dream was mine
but we've handcuffed reality
so there's no dream,
no dream left unbound

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