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(The Burning) Mirror Lyrics

(The Burning) Mirror by Eternal Mourning  

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(The Burning) Mirror When you looked outside
Did you know what was locked inside?
When you stepped into light
Did you feel any different sight?

When you look at your face
Do you understand what the mirrors tell?
Maybe is just their colour...
Maybe is just your shell...

Don't be afraid, it's just your shade
Maybe you're just drowned in a sea of sand
Your restless breath erupts in silence
Defying nothingness, but singing your end
Why does your soul separate the world?
In a walking misery, in the forever storm
Everywhere I looked you magically stayed there
In a glimpse of fear, in the pain I share... everywhere

Maybe you aren't real
Maybe I'm just looking towards the soul
Strength is peacefully burning in my eyes
Perhaps you are just the shadow of my own demise

So why do I have to face you
When I look outside?
I'm just here...
And you can be far and wide

I'm still locked in the darkest light
Wondering and suffering
Waiting for a dream to shine
Do you understand what the mirrors tell?

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