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Half a world away Lyrics

Half a world away by Esthero  

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Half a world away Tu me tocas
Tu me abrases
Y tu me llamas
Pero me siento solamente
Muy solas

Across the sand the warm air blows
From her eyes you know she was half a world away
Bites her lip and pulls her clothes
Caressed her thigh and soon night would turn to day

She was half a world away
Half a world away

He tells her not to close her eyes
Lifts his hands up to her face and wipes her hand away
He's the master of the lies
He makes the rules up for this game, he'll tell her what to say

And send her half a world away (half a world away)
My child, half a world away (half a world away)
Don't close your eyes (half a world away)
We're all on the run from something we fear inside (half the world away)
We don't really know ourselves at all

Half a world away...

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