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So special Lyrics

So special by Eskobar  

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So special You're so special
Your mind is like a maze
Just look at your hands
Your nose, your mouth
You got such a beautiful face

Somehow something ain't right
Although you're such a pretty sight
Have we talked before, have we been in a fight?
No, I just said all these things
to someone else last night

I'm not lonely
But yes I am alone
Just took a chance
To be myself
Take care on my own
It's gone

Somehow something ain't right
Although you say I'm such a pretty sight
I've been here before right where I am tonight
Yes I thought all these thoughts
in my own mind last night

So where I'm going
Can't really say precise
Is it somewhere bad, somewhere nice, under these skies?

In a coffin lies a man who's not that old
About this man this dtory here is told
A man who never found anyone to hold
But he went to the grave before his soul was sold

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