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Outcha atmosphere Lyrics by Esham


Outcha atmosphere by Esham

Paranoid, androids, aliens, asteroids
Plus I George Jetson through the solar system board
Galaxy gladiator, f**k you bitin ass style
Still in perpetrators niggas, gettin blast, many moves be packed
Too automatic, man I bomb it, wicket sh*t'll make ya vomit
See I'm comin like a comet, C-Section out ya stomach
Insane since an embryo, blood pour nitroglycerin
Clockin Benjamin's, from you listenin
Slugs whistlin, at the competition
Blood stains on the stage, opponents come up missing
U-N-H-O-L-Y, murder's my lullaby
Never cry, when they wish I would die, no alibi
I bust intoxicated, lyrics alive and animated
I'm the operator, plus I pocket calculate it
Male dominated, universal intergalactic
And since that crack hit, I've been dope as that sh*t
f**k you niggas wit that wack sh*t, get smack back whips
I tell these f**k immune's, back off the spaceship
Bustin, suicidal, that's the end of discussion
Hit you wit the football and blow out ya brains rushin

[Chorus 2X]
Outcha Atmosphere, I'm out ya f**kin atmosphere
I'm out this atmosphere, I'm out this f**kin ya atmosphere
Outcha Atmosphere, I'm out ya f**kin atmosphere

I'm out this f**kin atmosphere, wit some more wicket sh*t

Suicidalist, therapy for my confessions
Livin like a demon, don't forget to count ya blessings
In my brain, aeroplane, atmosphere, you might panic
Get at me another time, another place, a different planet
Plus I walk on water, H20, formaldehyde
Suicide, murder right straight to the other side
As the sunshine rotates planet keep spinnin
Every day that you livin, is a new beginning
Out ya mind, atmosphere, state ya world, crazy helly
Much beat, in my rise, sticky green off the smelly
DDT when I'm in Cleveland, all my niggas down the way
In the Garden Valley projects, gettin money everyday, be

[Chorus 2X]

Light-years away, my style when you push play
I have you havin more Good Times then J.J.
You know what they say, don't put up the AK
Cuz my money gettin longer than the white lines on the freeway
Play and blaze haze, sunshine, I'm sun raised
So you heard I was milky way, so start ya stargaze
Open the Stargate, to release ya fate
Triangle like the pyramid, and that's why they fearin it
Cuz I'm

[Chorus 2X]