How do i plead to homicide? Lyrics

Esham Lyrics How do i plead to homicide?

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How do i plead to homicide?

by Esham. Buy album CD: Acid Rain

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Six in the morning, police at my door
Dead body on the floor from the night before
I caught a murder rap cuz I bust a cap in the whore
Left her body stanking on my bathroom floor
Out the back door, cops seen who done it
One homicide, now one man's wanted
Mpb one eighty seven suspect's on the flee
Six in the morning, it's a homicide ID
They said her body's mutilated, can't get an ID
Cuz I shot her in the face and took a hammer and bust out her teeth
Now I'm the run with a gun and sledge hammer
Thinking to myself, I'll be damned if I'm in the slammer
Ran down a dead end street here comes the heat
Next thing you know I got my face in the concreate
Now I got a court date, on my way up state
Prosecuting attorney waiting for my fate
Thirty questions are asked, and thirty answers are lies
And as the judge and jury looks on, how do I plead to homicide

Depression has settled deep inside of me
For weeks now I cannot write I cannot relate to people
I don't talk unless I am pressed to do so
I usually am not pressed to do so

As I approach the bench, my shackles drag across the floor
(Where were you on the night in question?) At the liqour store
They wanted me to tell the truth and nothin' but the truth
I'll tell the truth only if you got truth
They ask me this and they ask me that
Then the switch the stuff up and ask the same shit right back
But I got my shit together, I'm too clever
(Have you ever worshipped the devil?) No, never
I said it once I said it twice, I said it three times
Then they pulled my file and found all sorts of crimes
The victims parents said the cops should a killed me
They asked me how do I plead I said not guilty
They getting angry, they wanna hang me
They called me the devil and throw holy water on me
Order in the court, it's getting out of hand
They got an eyewitness and she's about to take the stand
Now I start to panic, the truth of my lies collide
How do I plead to homicide

(Guilty) (Guilty) (Guilty)

The eyewitness took the stand and said she saw me burning candles
Then she heard a shot and my hand on the hammer's handle
They seen blood and guts and called the cops soon
And when they came, brain fragments all over the room
The judge and jury looking at me like guilty
Then one jumped up and said “Lock up the filthy basturd!?
I'm like damn, can I get a goddamn break
How much shit can one black man take
But the judge was black, and a jew too
All of em looking at you know who
They asked me why did I do it, I said fuck you
Show me a throat and I'm a cut through
They say the killing was a satanic ritual
Then they called me a sick individual
I dropped my head and tried to plead insanity
(As you can see, your honour, he's a threat to humanity)
With no emotion in my face I saw her family cry
And since I'm guilty that's how I'm pleading to homicide

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