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The simple things Lyrics

The simple things by Eric Mantel  

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The simple things American native dances through the night.
In search of a spirit who'll bring back the light.
A trail full of tears a desert full of sand.
He dances for hours to bring back his land.

Mr. Politician he walks through another door.
He talks about love and peace and turns around and starts a war.
A new world order, a one way government.
Prepare your shelter and ask the Lord for guidance.

It's only the simple things that you do.

American people it's time we make a stand.
And fight for our country or we'll surely lose this land.
American native can you teach us how to pray.
Deliever us from evil and showus the way.

It's only the simple things that you do.

And if this crazy old world ever gets you down.
Just call my name I'll be around.
And in the end you'll see that this whole thing was just a dream.
Awaken from your sleep you'll be found.

It's only the simple things that you do.

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