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Wrath of the tyrant - Emperor


Wrath of the tyrant by Emperor

As the wolves bark at the moon the 7th time
As the moon cast it's shadow towards the cliff's edge
As the woods are crying their hymns
to the almighty one
The darkenss consumes the happiness
At the witching hour He'll come forth
and cry the names of the chosen ones
He'll raise his voice of doom
He will carry the dust of the fallen warriors
He will bear the fires of hell in His eyes
He will walk among his souls tonight
He will carry the 7th golden sword
"and bear the sign of evil"
Hell on Earth, death and destruction
The fullmoon shines, and the angels whine
The moment of Armageddon is here
The ancient masters are back
He is in the wind, He is in the storm
He is in the woods, He is in the roots
Nobody will escape the wrath of the tyrant
Forever the beast shall wander the Earth