Hail Mary F. 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes (Murder Inc. D Lyrics

Eminem Lyrics Hail Mary F. 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes (Murder Inc. D

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Hail Mary F. 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes (Murder Inc. D

by Eminem. Buy album CD: Other Songs FIN - JE

Mackavellie rest in peace
Irv Gotti, too much Bacardi in his body
Mouth on a 12 gauge shotty

Come get me if you motherfuckas want Shady
If Pac was still here now he would never ride wit Ja
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah


You ain't no killa, you a pussy
That ecstacy done got you all emotional and mushy
Bitches wearin' rags in photos
Ja's words bein' quoted
and The Source stealin' Pac's shit like he just wrote it
Loud mouth, pray to God
Hopin' no one's listenin', see 50 comin' for me
Oh my god, my, my position
No one'll pay attention to me, please Gotti
Here I go, gimme dis pill
This ecstacy done got me feelin' so...invincible
Now all a sudden I'm a fuckin' madman
Screams like I'm Pac, but I'm not
Actin' like I'm great, but I'm fake, I'm crazy
Sweat drip, get me off this trip, someone stop this train
Some say my brain is all corrupted up from this shit
I'm stuck, I'm addicted to these drugs, I'ma quit
sayin' motherfucka's names before somebody fucks me up
Ain't no pussies over here partna
See you in hell fucka

[Repeat 1st Chorus]

Get off that E, before you try to come an' fuck wit me
It's Aftermath here now, Shady records got it locked
La la la la la la la locked

[50 Cent]
Penetentaries is packed wit promised mates
Never realize the precious time that bitch niggas is wastin'
Institutionalize my bitches, bring me prada by the bundles
Hustle hard from the sale, G-Unit motherfucka, we ballin'
Catch me count the cheese and when I'm callin', do you accept my call?
See you let me sip on Hennesy...(something)
Hell, I been to jail, I ain't scared
Momma checkin' in my bedroom, I ain't there
I got a head wit no screws in it
Motherfuckas thinkin' they can stop 50...they loosin' it
Lil' nigga named Ja think he a lot like me
Talkin' bout he left the hospital, took 9 like me
You live in fantasies nigga, I been checkin' the project
When yo' lil' sweet ass gon' come outta tha closet?
Now you wonderin' why DMX blowed 'em out
Next time grown folks talkin bitch, close yo' mouth, 'peat me
I take dis bullshit deeply
Done seen too many real niggas ballin' to let these bitch niggas beat me
You's a mothafuckin' punk...(something)
Quit scarin' them fuckin' kids wit your ugly ass mug
And you can tell them niggas you roll wit whatever you want
But you and I know what's goin' on
Nigga payback - time, knew yo' bitch ass from way back
when we was strapped wit Mac's, you know I don't play dat
All these old rappers tryin' to advance
it's all over now, take it like a man
Irv lookin' like Larry Holmes, flabby an' sick
Tryin' to playa hate on my shit, man eat a fat dick
Lovin' dis shit is how you made me, feelin' like I got you niggas crazy
Uh huh, against all odds
All of my thug motherfuckas know, dis be tha realest shit I ever wrote
Against all odds
Up in da studio gettin' blows to tha truest shit I ever spoke
21 gun salute! (Biatch!)

[Busta Rhymes]
Hey yo, I been one of tha most humble rappers street to the core
And Jeffrey, what tha fuck you come an' bother me for?
It's been a long time comin', like a...(something)
See 106(?) and Pac fans won't even respect you
It's kinda funny when you pop one fake like you thug
Goin' around talkin' shit he ain't capable of
Let me off this cocksucker, watch me handle you nigga
If I recall, Violated used to manage you nigga
We took a closer look and realized you was a imposter
There's never been a Violator on tha Murder, Inc. roster
Dumbass, now who's shootin'...aww made you look
You said Bust singin' the same ol' hook, you stupid
If ya'll shootin', I'd take a look atcha man
The bitch shot himself in front of Def Jam
Cheddar Bob ass nigga, start adjustin' ya plan
You left tha streets now nigga, apologize to yo' fans
Why'd you pull that lil' stunt like you didn't know what it was
Lil' faggot desperate, tryin' to reestablish a buzz
I know dis shit is drivin' you crazy, you wonderin' how
The streets ain't never want you Beatrice, what you gon' do now?
Nigga wanna beef wit me, then I'm beefin' wit you
I think about the game, what it's like and
You finished, I ain't tryin' to repeat this
Just cuz I'm cool, shouldn't take my kindness for weakness

It was fun
next time you got a problem man
address me before you try to make shit a public issue homie
Now I'm gonna return back to my regular self and have fun again

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