Doe ray me (feat. obie trice and jc blade) Lyrics

Eminem Lyrics Doe ray me (feat. obie trice and jc blade)

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Doe ray me (feat. obie trice and jc blade)

by Eminem. Buy album CD: Other Songs BIT - FIN

Get on your knees nigga! Get on your knees and pray! Haha...

[Ja Rule]
Em you claim your mother's a crackhead and Kim is a known slut
so what's Hailie gonna be when she grows up?

Ah-Ha! Yeh, come on, G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit
Hailie, come here baby, bring Daddy his Oscar
We're gonna shove it up Ja Rule's ass

[JC Blade]
Youíve been on an all time high, now youíve hit rock bottom,
Bitches like you be runniní their mouths, so I shut Ďem,
I clench my fists, and the bitches scatter,
Could knock Ďem all out, hang their heads on a platter,
Above my fire place, one more hit to fill up Jaís frame,
That bitch is long over due, should retire from the game,
They say quit while youíre ahead, to Ja this donít apply,
Rule you mother-fucker, quit before you die,
You wonít perish, through natural causes,
Twenty eight rounds to your head nigga, no pauses,
You are fuckiní up rap, piss taking the innocent,
What the fuck did Hailie do to you? now you be gettiní it,
You take piss out of a girl, who ainít done shit too you,
Coz you is just a sissy bitch, and now I be walking straight through you,
Fuck Murder Inc, hell, fuck you too,
I got too much shit to be spittiní, youíll know when Iím through,
Coz youíll be face up, in a coffin-six under,
This isnít a glitch in the system, this sure as hell ainít a blunder,
This is organised crime, we want you dead and weíll get it,
We want you gone forever, we wonít forget it,
The fact that you use 2pac, to try and boost your sales,
Gotta live off of others successes, others dramatic tales,
So to you Ja Rule, right here and up front,
Iím sticking my middle finger up, and calliní you a cunt!

[Obie Trice]
Doe Ray Me, but we don't sing muhfuckas
so Murda Inc. do your thing muhfuckas
You unleashed on a team who expects nothin' less then R&B comin' from that regime
regime - is a little extreme, that connects with soldiers, muhfuckin marines
Ja sold his soul to sing, leave our witness team on the TV screen, chase the green
now that you embrace the green don't fuck with them triple beams
you's a muthafucka actor, slash Pac impersonatin' rapper,
slash Billy Holiday, how'd it happen?
artists and repetoi saw him in action,
Pac assissination, Def Jam grabbed him
told him reinact him, you go platinum
they seein' it for sure,
and I know Afeni Shakur don't enjoy Jeffrey Atkins reinactin' her boy
so I'm quick clappin' the toy, mash and destroy
Shady slash Aftermath and Detroit muthafucka

[Chorus: Eminem]
Doe ray me, you fly so high to die don't blame me
cause you lost or caused your spot
imma save him on the side of my crusade
Ja quit playin', knock it off you're not 2pac
believe me, cuz you're not Em and you're not goin' at me
cuz i'm the only shot you got
Ja quit playin, knock it off you're not 2pac
get popped like all that shit you pop

[Chorus: Eminem]
(Over the Chorus)
Don't you never say my little girl's name in a song again
fuckin punk, pussy, bitch, I'll fuck you up boy
never, never in your mothafuckin' life
smack the shit out you little mothafuckin' midget
Hailie will whip your mothafuckin' ass

[JC Blade]
This be the real shit, we donít got a beef but I want one,
Iím williní to pop you full of shells, from my loaded gun,
Stand side by side, with the giants of rap,
Gimme the mic, I show you where its at,
You be dead Ďní buried, after the first sentence,
Iíll piss on your grave, add shit for incense,
Wanna be the next Jesus? Get the crucifix an' I'll get the nails,
Iíll buy and burn all-o-yer CDís, so then you got some sales,
Then you can fuck off, get out of my face,
Iíll pimp slap you bitch, straight back to your place,
You can paint a picture, about the importance of your beiní,
Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is all we be seeiní,
Ja you should have layed down, taken an early fall,
But you had to climb higher, now you gonna lose it all,
But you deserve it Ja, I ainít offering you no pity,
And if you donít like what I be saying, then come on bitch-hit me,
Iíll just get straight back up, pump you full of lead,
Let Em play kick up nigga, with your head,
Iíll put your remains in a doggy bag, can be my boxerís next meal,
Just donít get used to liviní, coz soon you wonít be able to feel,
Jack shit-nothing, nothing at all,
You look like a black doctor evil, Ďcept compared to him you look small,
Everyone else got it right, by calling you a midget,
Just a two foot nothing, poor excuse for an eejit,
I could kill you with one track, but I like to see your fear,
As your record label falls, have to go from cristol to beer,
MTV parties, to being penny'n'leg-less in a pub,
Wondering why they donít play your tracks, when they do the classics in the clubs,
Iíll tell you right here-right now, why no one likes what you be saying,
Coz you scream about the same shit, that 2Pac had be saying,
And if the nigga had of lived, he wouldnít be rolling with your crew,
Heíd be standing next to the rest of us, pissing all over you!

[Obie Trice]
Yeah, that's right mothafuckas
Shady Records, what you know about?
Fuck Benzino, Fuck Ja Rule, nigga
this Obie Trice right here talkin to you muhfuckas
Ja Rule punk ass, yeh
fuckin' Soul4Real ass, nigga that's over with
that's the nigga from Soul4Real, candy reign ass nigga
he got a deal now he rappin', he don't know what's...
fagget ass muhfuckas, give money to all my real niggas man
Obie Trice, JC Blade, Eminem, Hailie Jade! Hahaha

Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?

No honey you guys are the same size

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