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The Smile The Face Lyrics by Emery


The Smile The Face by Emery

I was never going to fall
But the smile and face have sealed my fate
So sweet, an addict of it all
I was blind for another taste

I have nothing left to give, the veins are dry, you have drained me dry

The world has turned black and cold
And I can't catch my breath
You rehearsed your lines with rhythmic details
They match the pounding in my chest

The summer came and you left me with your words
The clever sounds from your mouth
That can make me feel so worthless
And you say that I am not enough
But though my heart is breaking open
Know that I will not be broken

The person you claim to be
Is not who haunts me now
The careless lies, behind those brown eyes
That you swore were true more times than I can count

I know these words are weak and young
Spoken as I come undone
But while I drown in these mistakes
Your ego swells, but I can tell
You know that you're a fake

You cried in front of your friends
Just to save some face
You didn't want it to end
Just a week I'm replaced
You wouldn't listen, listen to me
But can you hear me now
You're just a sickness
And the cancer is your filthy mouth