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All I Can Do Is Love Lyrics

All I Can Do Is Love by Elizabeth Rose  

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All I Can Do Is Love Baby we were so good
Keeping eachother close
Your not holdin me so tight
That I can barely breathe

We were young
Kissin love goodbye

And here we are
Now and all I can do is love
Don't tell me your not the one
Cuz I know that your not
Thinkin that
You know you want this too
Walkin fast,
Look at faces,
Everything is in different places.
Since u been gone
All I can do is love.

It's not the same
With just anybody
I don't get that feelin
With nobody but you

You called me last nite
You came on over
Hold me tight
Kiss my lips
Your back with me just like this
I can't have you gone
Cuz all I will do is love.

And here we are
Now all I can do is love
Your tellin me that I'm the one
And that's what you felt all along
That's what we felt all along

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