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Lovers Beware

by Electrelane. Buy album CD: The Power Out

She goes to work
Everyday she's there
She's doing something
Different with her hair.
He seems like a jerk
But he tells her what
She wants to hear and
That's more than anyone else there

Lovers beware
They clearly don't appreciate you
They want to separate you
Nobody cares
Life's clearly not fair
The rancid stench is every time
That love's in need
It's all around you
Feel it surround you
And it will drown you

She wakes from a dream
And she starts to scream his name
But he is nowhere to be found
'Cause he knows that they're fucked
As he hides inside the heating duct
Be careful not to make a sound

Lovers beware
They're very good at what they do
And they will find you
And everyone says
Life's clearly not fair
The rancid stench is every time
That love's in need
It's all around you
Feel it surround you
And it will drown you

Someone somewhere
Is keeping track of
Whatever pencil cause
But he cares not
For the human resources
That he exhausts

She's receiving a raise
And the corporation
Praises her for her
Steadfast dedication
His conscience is clean
And he's kept his life of a she-man(?)
His heart is under sedation

Lovers beware
They were setting up to separate you
And they will devastate you
Nobody cares
Life's clearly not fair
The rancid stench is every time
That love's in need
It's all around you
And it will drown you
Feel it surround you
It's all around you
And it will drown you
Feel it surround you

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Album: The Power Out (2004) Lyrics
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