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He lives next door Lyrics

He lives next door by Eddy Arnold  

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He lives next door (Gene Nash)

He lives next door to everybody in the world
He's everybody's neighbor he is everybody's friend
He alone can make the clouds disappear
And let the sunshine in.

He shares a dream with everybody in the world
He can always hear your laughter
He can always see your tears
He alone can give the answer
To drive away your fears.

Follow him, hear his word
And he will lighten your heavy load
Follow him, take his hand
And you will walk a happy road.

Don't be afraid to go down on your knees and pray
You will always be forgiven
He can make your life worth livin'
You'll find him no matter what light is unfurled
For he lives next door to everybody in the world.

(He lives next door to everybody in the world.)...

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