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White Dress Lyrics

White Dress by Echo Helstrom  

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White Dress I want you to hold me prisoner
Give me the words for your pain
I want you to show me your babies
How they make you insane
And I will strangle them
Take of them their life
And you can know the Parthenon
Make of it your wife

I live in your white dress
When you're finished walking
When all your chains are untied
When you're sick of wandering
When you're not denied
Then I'll see you shaken
Then I'll see you stirred
Then I'll see you filled up
Ready to be heard

I live in your white dress
I'm guilty of charges


You're floating across the sea
All you see is me
Look around
All the faces
All the crowds

Verse III:

When you feel the queen's dress
When you taste the baba's dirt
When the old man's fiddle
When it speaks to all your hurt
Then you'll bathe in shadow
Then you'll live off rice
Sometimes you'll have shelter
Sometimes you'll have ice

I live in your white dress
I'm guilty of charges

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