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Better World Lyrics

Better World by Echo Helstrom  

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Better World Verse I:

I was leaning by a tree
My guitar between you and me
I can't say
That I've ever been alive before today
Now I am alive

Verse II:

Drawing water from a spring
Drawing from myself everything
With a string
I dissolve all fear of me
Melleur Monde
Draws a tear

Chorus I:

And the stars are just holes in the sky
And the victims are you and I
Can you stop me from touching you too much
Can you stop me from falling in love?

Verse III:
There is fire in your eyes
And It's burning up my insides.
Come to me
I want to burn eternally
May your eyes burn me

Verse IV:
Every night my heart it sails
Like a troubadour it wails
All I can do
Is to sing this song to bring me back to you
Sweet pain
Chrous II:
The wind dances through trees I can tell
Because the night has a very sweet smell
I can't see for tomorrow today
Because you're going your own way

There's a better world
Than where I come from
When my hope returns
When I'm in your arms
That's a better world

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