Trust No Bitch Feat AMG And DJ Quik Lyrics

Eatmewhileimhot! Lyrics Trust No Bitch Feat AMG And DJ Quik

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Trust No Bitch Feat AMG And DJ Quik

by Eatmewhileimhot!. Buy album CD: All My Friends

Yes Im too smart to get dicked...or so the case may be
That's how the ho felt when she found at that she couldnt play me
I know the game and I know it rather swell too
Rubbin up on my dick and givin me hints that your interested
Thinking first you'll kiss my lips and rub my hips, then he'll take a sip
Of hennesey hit the buddha, pass out and i'll take his shit
HELL NAW monkey mouth trick, ya stupid ho
You must be a fool if you thinking that i dunno
But nah you broke ass hoes wanna come up, shaking that money maker
But i break her 'cause the bitch is a faker
Or maybe she just don't know the formula
Of how to get rich quick
Without making happy dicks
That's all the bitch know is...
How to be a mega ho
I guess that just goes to show
That's she too ignorant to know
That i wont be played...or gay or dapper, but I aint perfect
I whip the dick out now and then and let em slurp it
But im careful, bein aware of the bitches
That's torchin niggas on purpose 'cause they think they deserve it
Yea that's some cold shit, my experience oughta learn ya
That if a nigga aint tryina smoke you a bitch tryina burn ya
So trust no

Trust no... bitch (?funky cut? bitches)
Trust no... bitch (?funky cut? ho)

I refuse to lose so I chose few and trust none
To my women I love, but to you bitches I aint the one
When i tell you to trust no bitch, It might not occur to you
Females aint the only bitches that Im refering to
See you can help a bitch
Let alone treat swell a bitch
'cause the bitch sold out...gon sell out...or the bitch gon snitch
Bitches wanna be and gonna always be around
Watchin what ya doin tryina use ya and keep ya down
bore ya with a story ya got ya own
Imma strengthn your conviction to give that dog a bone
And move on...for the motherfucker fakin you... fuck you
And make you take their punk bitch ass to the bank foo
See bitches get paid. these bitches got charms
I see em at the mall, on tv and on my homies arms
Just some of homies got bitches but we breaking bitches
So i come like dis bitch "act like you know me


Eazy E the muthafuckin manipulator when it comes to pussy, hoes
Just watch how my dick grows
But since all hoes fall in the bitch category,
Trustin no hooker ass bitch is mandatory
How much do you want? bitch how much can you take
'cause a nigga like the E you can't break
Put ya skinny little ass in my face and I'll slap it
Whip out my dick and let you lick before i tap it
My left hands on your ass my right hands on your head
'cause bitches get the nut.... and niggas get the lead
Suckin my dick lickin my balls you know you are the master
Suckin my toes lickin my ass you make me come faster
But it just don't stop
Suckin everybodies dick...'cause it's good to the last drop
But that shit don't faze me
I trust no car wrecking ho's this ones for you tracy


Bitches aint nuffin but a hole in a 9 deuce
I'd rather make a mil while sippin a cold brew
Bitches aint shit...word to the digi-digi-dick
Eazy E PPC AMG and Quik
Bitch I aint babyface so save ya whip appeal
I neva go on dates with broke bitches, 'cause free meals
Are suppose to pay the way to lucrative panty deals?
Bitch please, you betta hit ya knees
And you can even touch ya toes
'cause im still playin yall punk hoes like dominios
And if you suck the dick right and the pussy tight
I might not beat you down til the 2nd nite
Once a dog always a dog, trick
Ya little trick tramp slut with a big butt
'cause you aint shit bitch
I'd rather fuck ya then love ya
'cause bitch I neva trust ya


This is one for all those trifilin ass, no good, riff raff, crab scratchin, one a month bleedin, no douching, disgusting bitches.You know you gettin this from DJ Quik, mah nigga easy muthafuckin e, AMG is definetly in the house, and the PPC is sending this to you

That bitch cindy is a muthafuckin funky cut ho
And mesha is a no good
That bitch fatal is a no good funky cut ho
Robin is a trifilin ass funky cut ho
Dana is a funky funky cut ho
Novita is a trifilin ass funky cut ho
Marcy's is a disgusting funky cut ho
Karen is a funky funky ass funky cut ho
Easy said tracy is a no good funky cut ho
Deuce said april is a funky cut
And like I said before


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