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Lord Of The Storm Lyrics

Lord Of The Storm by Easy Rider  

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Lord Of The Storm Who controls the facts!
Who controls the destiny!
And who controls the answers
To all our questions!
Imagination plus education is domination
Pain and misery... Why am I here!

The Lord of the storm

He controls the facts!
He controls our destiny!
And he knows the answers
I wish he will be here now
To see what we have done
What we have destructed
What we have created
He´s the answer
When you´re calling for the reason
It stands to reason that
Someone´s pulling the strings
We cry out for more
We wonder what´s next to the world
We are the last before the tornado

I´m your life, I´m your soul
I´m your faith and I´m your hope
Try to scape... there´s a chance
Keep the words inside your head
Are you scared of what you see?
Are you scared to rearrange?
The choice is yours and mine...
... Or isn´t it?

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