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Babylon The Great Lyrics by Easy Rider


Babylon The Great by Easy Rider

Go pour of the seven bowls
Of God´s wrath on the earth
Sores broke out on the people who had the mark
Blood like that of a dead man
Every living thing in the sea died

You are just in these judgments
You who are and who were
For they have she'd the blood of your saints
Give 'em blood to drink as they deserve
Sun with the power to scorch
The beast kingdom was plunged into darkness
The "great river" water was dried
Demons, miraculous signs

Come I will show you the punishment
Remember Babylon the great
The fury of God´s wrath

Come I will show you this calls for a mind with wisdom

Fallen! Fallen!
She´s become a home for demons
Fallen! fallen!
A haunt for every evil spirit

Come out of her, my people
Give back to her as she´s given
Torture and grief
Death, mourning and famine

Woe! Woe! Great city, Ohh Babylon
City of power!
Your doom has come!