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Love me by name Lyrics by Dusty Springfield


Love me by name by Dusty Springfield

I tried so hard to be carefree

Rolling out of someone's bed

Into the sunshine

But the sun, oh, coming up

Doesn't always bring the light, oh

And somehow, somehow I feel, oh

It's just not right

No, not for me

Well it's been so long

Since I've been loved by name, oh-ho

Love me by name, ah

Love me by name

Come on, come on, ooh-hoo

Love me

Here I feel afraid, ooh

And I don't know why

You're surely not the first I've had, ah, oh

Who held me gently, yeah

Oh, who took the sweet time

Just to ask me about me

Well, well maybe this time

Oh god, let it be

Oh, it's such so, so, so long

Since I've been loved, oh, by name

Love me by name

Ah, love me by name

Come on and love me, oh baby

Yes, love me, aah, aah

Oh, love me by name, oh

Why don't you love me, ah

Come on, come on, ahh, ahh

Sweet baby

Oh won't you love me, yeah

Love me by name