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As Plague Upon The Sheep (Poison In Redemption) Lyrics by Drowning The Light


As Plague Upon The Sheep (Poison In Redemption) by Drowning The Light

In the veins of existence thou shalt ruin your rite of birth in the will of your dying breath
The rite of reversal shall take effect

Suffer the masses, there is one with
Damnation / condemnation:
My name is plague
My name is wisdom

My curse is that which bleeds out
The weakness in your veins

Pawns unto the flesh
There is one way to let go
May you seek the truth
As the dying breath
As the last whisper
As those who may trick fate
And carve the informal cross upon their necks
Twisted and deep
Crooked from the crucifix
Straight as the mark of the true gods
There is one path left untouched
The path beyond what is known

Beyond what is understood
The mark of the forest
The land, the earth
The Mother and Father
The calling

That which stirs beneath the soil
And emanates beyond the galaxies

One between the pain
Of physical and moral being
Omega kindred who may suffer
One (Alpha) who shall become king
3 may follow in tribes which will be shunned be those who settle where they should not stay

Ground zero is relevance
Nothing truly means nothing
... There is the light only to drown below the sea

May her depths consume all
Though HER we shall seek