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No Pattern Lyrics by Drone


No Pattern by Drone

How could you ever think you know
Anything about the things that I do
Anything about the music I play
And anything about the things I'm up to

Because you heard some people talk about me
When you walk down the street
That doesn't mean you know anything about me
But you think you know about me

You see me as what you wanna see me
It's sad for you because I'm a never gonna be
Anybody except who I wanna be
But never ever who you expect me to be

You heard what the people chat, what the people say
See me how I act, but I just play
You heard the rumours and believe them
You got to ease, fam, I'm just teasing
Now I've got to say it's about that time to break the boundaries, it's my time
I'm not who you think, or what you wanna see, I'm what I wanna be, it's my time, I'll
You wanna make me fit in your pattern but it's not too easy, I'm not gonna fit
In the pattern you'd like me to be in, you need to stop that thing

It's chaos we're made of
(And you know that you can't stop us)
Impulsive perfection
It's chaos we're made of
(And you know that you can't stop us)
Impulsive, undisputed selection

And further more you better don't hate on me or my peeps
Because we achieved some things you cannot achieve
And you can believe
Sometimes I went in too deep

It got hard to breathe, I could hardly sleep
Thoughts rushed my head
I could hardly get my rest
I'm so focused on getting the best
And now you wanna try to tell me that I messed up

It's a lie, stop acting like you know me, because you ain't got a clue
Man, why are you still acting, why?
This just ain't looking too good on you

Better know the fact that it doesn't make sense
To hate because you just wanna be friends
I ain't got time for your crap
I'm a gonna what, I'm a gonna what, I'll take the next step

Back that shit and smack that shit
Now move